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Safe Internet Banking Reminder


Safe Internet Banking Reminder
Dear Valued Customers:
There has been an increasing trend of internet-based fraudulent cases in recent years across the industry. Unsolicited e-mail, SMS and/or fraudulent websites are used in order to trick people into disclosing confidential personal details such as user names and PINs/passwords. To avoid those unauthorised access to your internet banking accounts, we strongly advise you:
1. To use official Bank of China websites ( or to log onto your internet banking account;
2. Not to accept links or redirections from any other websites or media for the purpose of logging onto your internet banking account. Please note that the Bank will not make unsolicited requests for customer information such as PINs/passwords; and
3. Report any suspicious or fraudulent activities/attempts to the Bank’s customer hotline on 1800095566.
Bank of China, Sydney Branch
Bank of China (Australia) Limited