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Credit Card Introduction


Worldwide Acceptance
You may use your card to make online and telephone payment that accepts MasterCard. You may be asked to provide the Card Verification Value (CVV) which is the last 3-digit on the back of the Card.
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Convenient Cash Advance
You may withdraw cash at any ATM or bank branch displaying the MasterCard logo around the world.  The notes you obtain outside Australia will be in local currency of that country.
Smart Interest Free Installment Plans
  •  Purchase transaction installment plan
If you have made a large amount purchase transaction during current statement period, but are unwilling to be charged an interest when payment cannot be made on time, you may call our customer service hotline before that transaction is billed to apply for the installment plan for this authorized but unbilled purchase transaction.
  •  Statement balance installment plan
If you missed the opportunity to apply for the purchase transaction installment as the purchase transaction has been billed, or if you are unable to pay the full balance amount on time and wish to minimize interest charged, you may also call our customer service hotline before your statement due date to apply for an installment plan based on certain percentage of your purchase balance on the latest statement.
Royalty Reward Points
For Gold Credit Card and Low Interest Card products, all your purchase transactions will be recorded in our Royalty Reward Points System. You can apply to redeem your points as cash back to your credit card once you have sufficient points. You can find your accumulated points from your latest statement or call our customer service hotline to enquire. Please refer to the Bank of China Great Wall International Credit Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.
Manage Your Account
Transaction Enquiry
Your monthly statement will be posted to you about 3-4working days after your statement date. You can also access to your transaction information via our customer service hotline or go to any of our retail branches in Australia to make the enquiry.
Statement Date and Due Date
Your statement date will be the same date in each month (e.g., 27th of each month), the next monthly statement begins on the date after the statement date of your last monthly statement. Each statement period is the period between the statement begin date and the statement end date shown on each statement. If your statement balance is not zero and if there is any debit or credit transactions during the statement cycle, we will issue you the statement after your last statement date. No statement will be issued if no amount has been debited or credited to the account during the statement period and the account balance is nil. The due date shown on your statement is calculated by your statement date plus a fixed number of days and you are required to make at least the stated minimum monthly payment by the due date.
Interest and Late Payment Fee
No interest will be charged on a purchase if the closing balance for the statement of account on which the purchase was itemized and the previous statement of account are paid in full within 7 days of the due date shown on the respective statements of account. The maximum interest free period on purchase in 55 days. The actual interest free period you get on a purchase may be less, due to the date on which the purchase is made and the date on which a statement period ends.
Cash advances attract interest regardless of whether you have interest free days on your account-interest will be charged from the date you withdraw the cash and will continue to be charged until you pay off your outstanding balance in full.
If you do not pay the full amount that you owe by the due date, there will be no interest free period and you will pay interest on every transaction from the date of the transaction. If you do not pay at least the required minimum payment amount by the due date, there will be a Late Payment Fee. Please refer to our website for credit card fee and charge details.
Credit Limit Adjustment
You may ask to increase or decrease your credit limit by calling customer hotline on working hours. All credit limit adjustments are subject to our approval. We may need you to provide us with the most current details of your income for credit assessment.
Credit Card Repayment
Full or Minimum Settlement
Each month you must repay at least 4% of the amount you owe us, or $20, whichever is greater. However, if the closing balance of the statement is less than $20, the minimum payment is equal to that closing balance. Your statement will show the minimum you must pay and the payment date.
  •  Full payment: If you always repay the full balance on your latest statement by the Due Date, you will enjoy up to 55 days interest free.
  •  Minimum payment: You can also repay the minimum amount stated on your statement (or any amount above the minimum); however there will be no interest free period.
Direct Debit Payment:
 If you hold a saving/cheque account with us or in other banks within Australia, you may choose direct debit payment method to settle your account either by full payment or by minimum payment. To direct debit from the saving/cheque account you hold with us, you will need to provide your13-digit account number. To direct debit from saving/cheque account in other banks within Australia, you will need to provide your bank name, account name, BSB and account number.
You can either select “Direct Debit Payment” when you complete the credit card application form, or call our customer service hotline during working hours to arrange a direct debit payment. To avoid unnecessary charges and inconveniences, please ensure you have sufficient funds in your nominated account. Direct debit will be unsuccessful if there are insufficient funds. A direct debit failure fee may be charged. Please refer to ourCredit Card Accounts Fees and Charges for details of these fees.
Over-the-Counter Payment
 You can visit any Bank of China (Australia) Limited retail branch to make a cash payment or account transfer to pay your outstanding payment.
BPAY Payment
 You may use BPAY from your internet banking to make a payment and you have to provide the Biller Code and your 16 digits credit card number, each of which can be found on your Statement.
Telephone & Internet Banking_BPAY® contact your bank or financial instituation to make payment from your cheque,debit,credit card or transaction account.
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Important information
For further details please refer to
·          Credit Card Conditions of Use
·          Credit Card Accounts Fees and Charges
 These documents apply to this product and are available from any Bank of China branches in Australia on request. Please consider the appropriateness of the product before making any decision. Approval is subject to our lending criteria. Fees and charges apply.Information is correct as at 31-08-2015 and is subject to change without notice. Credit provider is Bank of China (Australia) Limited ABN: 28 110 077 622 AFSL 287322 Australian Credit Licence 287322
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