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CNY Demand Deposit Account

CNY demand deposit account provides a flexible and convenient way to keep your Chinese currency funds on demand. Customers may access their account using either a passbook or a periodic statement.
Key features:

Particulars Charges Remarks
CNY Demand Deposit Account
The initial amount to open a Transaction Account CNY5, 000.00 Subject to individual accounts.
Minimum balance required CNY5, 000.00 Same as above
Account Keeping Fees (if monthly average balance is below min. balance requirement) CNY30.00 per month Same as above
Account closure within 6 months of opening date AUD30.00 per account  This fee will be applied if there is no additional account with bank.
Cash transaction fee:
Withdrawal /deposit of CNY cash
1.50% Withdrawal of CNY cash is subject to note availability.
Statements Free Non-passbook account holders will normally receive a statement monthly, unless no transactions have taken place.

How to apply:

  • Visit your local BOC Branch
  • Contact our Customer Representative on 1800 228 688 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm Sydney Time). 
  • E-mail: