Corporate Banking

Financing Services

Working Capital Loan

  • The facility helps the customer to fulfill temporary working capital needs.


  • The facility is used for temporary working capital purpose.

Commercial Installment Loan

  • This facility is for corporate customer to finance the purchase of commercial property.
  • Loan term can be up to 30 years, with monthly principal and interest installment repayment.

Trade Financing

  • The Bank offers the trade finance services for Australian importers & exporters. This facility is to finance the international trade conducted by the customer. This will include: bill purchase, export negotiation, export discount, import negotiation, factoring and forfeiting.

Mid- & Long-term Commercial Loan

  • This facility helps to satisfy the company’s medium and long term financing needs.
  • Bank helps to advise and arrange a specified financing structure, repayment schedule and loan term.

Syndication Loan

  • Bank of China involves both in primary and secondary syndication markets in local and overseas market.

Specialized Finance Services

According to the special financing needs and the nature of business of the customer, the Bank will provide tailor made finance services for the customers such as the Global Credit lines, Debt Financing and Finance Under the Export Credit Insurance Policy, etc.

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