Corporate Banking


BPAY is a national electronic bill payment service, jointly developed by Australia’s leading financial institutions. If your bill displays BPAY payment method, you can use BPAY to pay it through Bank of China Sydney Branch Corporate Internet Banking.

Using BPAY today
1.       Having a existing saving or cheque account with Bank of China Sydney Branch; or applying a new saving or cheque account now;
2.       Registering Corporate Internet Banking service with your ID card;
3.       Logging in Corporate Internet Banking and select “BPAY”;
4.       Inputting Biller Code, Customer Reference Number (CRN) and amount you need to pay and follow the instructions on the screen.
Main features
1.         Fast, easy, convenient and secure payment method;
2.         No charges for bill payments;
3.         Maximum daily limit is AU$100,000;
4.         Storing the Biller Code and CRN automatically once you pay it successfully;
5.         Paying your bills immediately or making a scheduled payment in the future date.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd
ABN 69 079 137 518