About Us

About Bank of China

Operating in Australia for over 20 years, Bank of China has experienced first hand the colossal growth and development in Australian financial services. Our understanding of the Australian market in partnership with our vast network of branches spanning China provides a key financial link between Australia and China. Bank of China is a partner you can bank on, whether business or personal.

Bank of China is your gateway to China with more than 10,000 branch in most big cities throughout the world. Together with our customer-oriented quality financial services in Australia, we can help expand your business to China.

Bank of China Australian Operation now has nine branches throughout Australia, five in Sydney, two in Melbourne, one in Perth and one in Brisbane.

We provide the following financial services in Australia:

  • Trade finance, letter of credit, documentary collection, letter of guarantee
  • Express remittance, traveller's cheques, safe deposit box, overseas student package
  • Local and foreign currency deposits, foreign exchange, debit card, credit card encashment
  • Residential mortgage, commercial, construction & syndicated loans, overdraft facilities
  • Foreign exchange margin trading, spot & forward forex
  • Australian dollar clearing and settlement services



With considerable growth in cultural, economic, trade and tourism links between Australia and China, Bank of China Australia operation will continue to build on what has already been achieved to date, and work at full speed and with energy to create an even greater organization in the future. We look forward to working with our clients to develop a brighter future.