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Becoming the Authorized Banknote Issuing Bank and Agent of the Treasury


On April 13, 1987, the Chinese and Portuguese government signed the Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration. From then on, the transition period for Macau returning to the Motherland began and the issue of appointing a state-owned banknote issuing bank was put on the agenda. After nearly 3 years of diplomatic negotiation, the Sino-Portuguese Joint Liaison Group reached a consensus on July 12, 1994 and signed the Minutes of Meeting of Sino-Portuguese Joint Liaison Group on the Issuance of Banknotes in Macau. On October 13, 1995, the Macau Government and Bank of China signed a contract on the issuance of banknotes. With the assistance and support from the Monetary Authority of Macao (“AMCM”), other bank industry members and the banknote printing company, Bank of China officially began to issue banknotes of Macau Patacas on October 16 of the same year.

After the hand-over, Bank of China Macau Branch signed a service contract on duties of public treasury with the Macau SAR government. As from April 28, 2000, Bank of China has been responsible for the government public treasury coffers.

The Macau Branch highly valued the cooperation with other bank industry members and has devoted much of its effort in the better development of the banking industry and for the rights of the industry. In 1983, together with some bank industry members, the Macau Branch helped the Macau SAR government set up the Macau Clearing House for Macau Patacas checks and was authorized to be the clearing house for Hong Kong Dollar checks. On September 6, 2000, the Macau Branch was elected as the President of the Macau Association of Banks. During its terms of service, the Macau Branch worked closely with members of its Executive Committee and Supervisory Council, as well as other member banks, for the benefits of the association. Through keeping close contact with the Macau SAR government and AMCM from, the Macau Branch cooperated and supported the Macau SAR government to implement financial and banking policies.

The Macau Branch has also been elected members of various important public bodies including as Member of the Economic Development Council of the SAR government, Council Member of the Advisory Council of AMCM, Vice-president of the Chinese Enterprises Association, Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the Macao Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, etc. Through actively supporting educational and charity activities in Macau, such as sponsoring  the Macao Academy Education Fund Society and makeing donations to Macau Tung Sin Tong Chartable Society and Kiang Wu Charitable Association, the Macau Branch devotes itself to community, the market,and clients.

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