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Banking Services Strengthened Due to the Opportunities Arising from the Handover


Before the end of the last millennium, there were 2 historic moments for Bank of China Macau Branch. The first was the return of Macau to the Motherland in 1999. After Macau’s return to the Motherland, the principles of the “One Country Two Systems” and "Macau People ruling Macau" with a high degree of autonomy have all been successfully implemented. Under the care of the Central Government and the good leadership of the SAR government, the economy of Macau turns from a recovery period into a period of rapid growth. Such a historical moment of changes also brought tremendous opportunities for the banking industries and, eventually, a higher level of performance was required for banks. The second historical moment was the Asian financial crisis in 1997 which urged the Macau Branch to take into consideration seriously the quality and standard of its business operation.

Following the operation principle of “market-driven and customer-oriented”, the Macau Branch reformed its organization structure vertically according to the flow of work to from a front, middle and back office system, while, horizontally according to the duties to from the sales and marketing, operation support and risk control units. The Branch also established, an independent risk management and internal control system, and a scientific and effective decision making process. The sub-branches further transformed from an undifferentiated simple operation service mode to a customer-oriented service mode focusing on sales and marketing.

Pursuant to the policy of the Macau SAR government to support small and medium enterprises, the bank extended great support for local SMEs to improve their business operations. In these regards, electronic banking services have been enhanced, the technology support to business development and scientific management strengthened, electronic service channels including phone banking, mobile banking, self service banking, online banking & etc. all fine-tuned. In the meantime, the strategic relationship with insurance companies, credit card companies, fund investment companies have been strengthened and much effort has been put in the development of agency business, and thus increased the variety of agency products. The opening of a number of BOC Prestigious Wealth Management Centers and Small and Medium Enterprises Service Centers has successfully attracted a group of top tier customers. Through providing a comprehensive range of banking services, the bank has further improved the abilities to provide quality services to our customers.

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