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Important Events 1990-1999


May 1992 Held a cocktail party in celebration of the official opening of the Bank of China Building with the honor of receiving inscribed autograph from party leaders including former President Jiang Zemin.
April 1994 Successfully installed the new ABCS operating computer system, symbolizing the computerization of all banking operations.
June 1994 Signed an agreement with the Macau International Airport Company Ltd. to guarantee the issuance of a HKD1.2 billion bond of the company and the project financing needs of the Macau International Airport.
October 1995 Authorized to be one of the two banknote issuing banks in Macau.
September 1998 Successfully converted to the S/390-2003 mainframe computers and OS390 operating system and further improved the use of information technology.
June 1999 The Committee for the Celebration of Macau's Returning to the Motherland of the Macau Financial Sector was formed. The General Manager of Bank of China Macau Branch was elected Chairman of the Committee.
December 1999 Issued the 2nd batch of new MOP banknotes in celebration of Macau's returning to the Motherland and the new millennium.

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