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The President of Bank of China, Mr. Chen Siqing, presided over the handover ceremony of the Branch Manager of the Macau Branch


It was decided by the Head Office of Bank of China that Mr. Wang Shaojun, the former Branch Manager of the Shenzhen Branch, would replace Mr. Ye Yixin, who retired earlier this year, to be the Branch Manager of the Macau Branch. Mr. Chen Siqing, President of Bank of China, especially flew from Beijing to Macau to preside over the handover ceremony and to report such changes to the Chief Executive and the Monetary Authority of Macau.

The brief but formal handover ceremony was held at the 3rd floor of the Bank of China Building on the morning of September 1. During the handover ceremony, Mr. Chen heartily thanked Mr. Ye, the outgoing Branch Manager, for his brilliant contribution to the branch during his terms of service in the past 9 years. He spoke highly of the remarkable results of the branch had achieved and the coherent corporate social responsibility strategies developed under Mr. Ye’s leadership. In the meantime, Mr. Chen mentioned that Mr. Wang, the new Branch Manager, with his long experience in the financial industry, extensive working expertise, good management skills and dominant power had achieved outstanding results during his previous terms of services within the Bank of China Group. He believed that Mr. Wang would lead the Macau Branch to reach new height by carrying on the past and seizing the new opportunities, and to contribute to the economic development and the financial system stability of the Macau SAR. Being a mainstream bank in Macau, Mr. Chen urged the Macau Branch to broaden its horizon and aim high, to be socially responsible and assimilate the development of the bank in the economic and social development strategies of our country and the Macau SAR. Whilst firmly abiding by the policy of “One Country, Two Systems”, the branch should actively support and cooperate with the Macau SAR to administer according to law, support the economic development of Macau, maintain the financial system stability and foster the progress of the Macau society, strengthen the influence of the “love China love Macau” groups locally in Macau and convey the positive energy of a state-owned bank by participating in various social activities.

Mr. Ye Yixin, the outgoing Branch Manager, had deep feelings for Macau. To summarize the development of the Macau Branch during the past few years, Pursuant to the operating principle of “placing equal weight on the profits of the Group and of the Macau Branch, and the benefits for the bank and for the community”, Mr. Ye said that the branch had achieved good result through the hard work of all members who worked together with one heart and one mind and highly cooperative and as a team. He was extremely thankful for the kindness and support that the government institutions, people from all walks of life and the general public had extended to the Macau Branch and for its business development through these years. Finally, he wished the branch would reach new heights and achieve great success under the leadership of Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang Shaojun, the new Branch Manager, had earned various professional qualifications including a Master of Business Communication and been working with the Bank of China Group for almost 30 years. Mr. Wang said his first impressive of Macau were very good. Macau was a great place with great people and a harmonious society. By carrying forward the fine tradition of Bank of China developed over the past 65 years, he would put down his roots in Macau together with the Macau Branch and provide better financial services for the customers and the local community. Being the largest mainstream bank in Macau, Bank of China would seize the strategic opportunities arising from the internationalization of Reminbi and make full use of the advantage of the platform of the special administrative region under the “One Belt One Road” strategy. Whilst supporting the SAR government to carry out moderate economic diversification, Bank of China would strengthen the role of the financial industry in the building of “One Center and One Platform”.

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