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BOC All-Round Investment Products Offer (2016 Season IV)


In order for you to conveniently grasp full-around investment opportunities and make prudent investment plans, BOC All-Round Investment Products Offer provides you with cash rewards offer for equity-linked instrument (ELI), bonds subscription, monthly fund investment plans and monthly stock saving plans.

Promotion Period

From October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016

Eligible Customers

Customers who subscribe ELI, bonds and monthly investment plans

Promotion Details

During the promotion period, if the subscription amount for the investment products below achieves the designated subscription requirements, clients can receive the following cash coupons:

Products Accumulative Subscription Amount
(or equivalent amount)
(Cash Coupon Amount)
ELI HKD200,000 to HKD1,000,000 (not include HKD1,000,000) MOP100
HKD1,000,000 to HKD2,000,000 (not include HKD1,000,000) MOP500
HKD2,000,000 or above MOP1,000
Bonds HKD1,000,000 to HKD2,000,000 (not include HKD1,000,000) MOP500
HKD2,000,000 or above MOP1,000
Products Monthly Investment Amount For Each Transaction
(or equivalent amount)
(Cash Coupon Amount)
Monthly Stock Saving Plan HKD1,000 or above MOP20
Monthly Fund Investment Plan HKD1,000 to HKD10,000 (not include HKD10,000) MOP30
HKD10,000 to HKD20,000 (not include HKD20,000) MOP50
HKD20,000 or above MOP100

Terms and Conditions

1. The above offers are applicable to new subscription of bonds only.

2. The offers for ELI and Bond are calculated accumulatively throughout the promotion period. Each customer is only eligible for one reward per product (which means each customer can receive maximum two cash coupon rewards for ELI and bonds).

3. During the offer period, clients who start new monthly investment plans for Fund or Stocks can receive cash coupon for each new monthly investment plan, with its first month contribution paid successfully.

4. The maximum cash coupon rewards for monthly stock saving plan is up to MOP100. There is no maximum cash coupon rewards for monthly fund investment plan, but the rewards are applicable to the first transaction of the same fund (same currency).

  • Example one: One client start a new monthly investment plan on Fund A-USD both in July and August, this client can only get one reward;
  • Example two: If the client invests in Fund A-USD and Fund A-HKD, or the client invests Fund A and Fund B, this client can get two rewards.

5. The above offer for monthly fund investment plan is applicable for subscription fee rate equal to 3% or above.

6. If the customer has enjoyed the special subscription fee rate discount, the related transaction would not be added into the accumulative subscription amount.

7. Customers who are eligible for cash coupon rewards will be notified individually and have to collect the coupons at designated branches within 60 days (Date of the notification inclusive). Coupons not collected within 60 days will be considered as given up by customers.

8. Gifts cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Cash coupon is subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon supplier’s policies.

9. Employees of Bank of China Macau Branch are not eligible for the offers.

10. Bank of China Macau Branch reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate this promotion or amend the terms and conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Bank of China Macau Branch shall be final and conclusive.

11 In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Risk Disclosure

This document does not constitute an offer for the purchase or sale of any investment products. Financial investment involves risks. The prices of funds, bonds and stock may fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. The value of ELI note may fluctuate or be influenced by other financial derivative instruments. It is possible that losses will be incurred rather than profit made as a result of financial investment. Past performance of fund, bond and stock companies is not indicative of future performance. ELI investments rely on the reputation or goodwill of note issuers, so investors should understand the credit risk of note issuers and guarantees. You should study related sales materials before making investment decisions and seek independent professional advice. You should carefully consider whether the investment is suitable in light of your own financial situation and investment objective.

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