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Fixed Asset Loan is finance to enterprises investing in fixed assets. Investments in fixed assets include acquisition of land with superstructures, factories/offices and staff quarters, infrastructure construction and production equipment, etc.

Loan Types

According to applicants’ funding position, they can choose any of the following loan types:

1.Term Loan

2.Revolving Loan



1.Loan proceeds are used for acquisition of fixed assets above-mentioned. Since cash inflow from some fixed assets may take time,

epayment may be bullet or by instalments on case by case and subject to negotiation with our bank.

2.As investment amount for some fixed assets is usually big and cash inflow takes times to effect repayment, so loan tenor is usually medium to long term with repayment by instalments adopted.

3.Underlying assets will be mortgaged to secure the loan and other security/guarantee may be required.

Interest Rate

According to applicable interest rate for this type of loan depending on the borrower’s net worth, borrowing amount, tenor and security provided to determine the final interest rate. 


Charges and fees according to contract signed

Target Customers

Sole proprietors/ limited company

Eligibility Criteria

1.Incorporated companies

2.Clear loan purpose and repayment source

3.Financially healthy, good credit record, strong repayment ability and good management system.

4.Meeting the security requirement of BOC

5.Opening of settlement account in BOC

6.In case finance relating to project, it should have been approved by the government with proper evidence

7.Purchase contract for the underlying asset acquisition

8.Application of fixed asset loan in compliance with our bank policy

Application Procedures

1.Submission of application form

2.Submission of relevant information including memorandum and articles of association, financial statements for the past three years, ertificate of project rights, project approval documents from the government, feasibility study of the project and repayment schedule, etc.

3.Review and assessment of borrower’s credibility, legality, profitability, security and guarantor, etc.

4.Loan signing after confirmation of loan type, amount, tenor, interest rate and security with the borrower upon approval

5.Mortgage registration for secured loan or documentation drafting for clean loan

6.Drawdown of approved loan

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