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“BOC Project Link” is created in response to the financing needs of project contractors or sub-contractors during the construction period including start-up capital, procurement, account receivables and issuance of performance bonds, etc. BOC Project Link consists of a wide range of banking facilities such as bank guarantees, import financing, working capital loans, equipment and materials financing, contractor’s all risks insurance and labour insurance, etc.


1.Comprehensive range of banking facilities with high flexibility

2.Offer of professional services

3.A basket of financial products and services to support your financing needs during the construction period

4.Optimal terms to credit-worthy customers can exempt pledged deposit.

Target Customers

1.Government project contractors

2.Contractors of the six big integrated hotel complex concessionaires

3.Contractors of development projects of utility companies

4.Other project contractors already dealing with our bank

Guarantees and bonds can be issued in various currencies.


Levy of charges according to the applicable charge scale

Documents Required

Applicants are required to submit valid certificate of incorporation, financial statements for the past three years, business records, bank statements (including those of major shareholders) and copies of company assets.

Application Procedures

1.Application, Assessment and Approval

  • Review of applicants’ qualifications, competitors, business profile and project documents. Implementation of various measures to balance the risk
  • Confirmation of banking facilities against pledged deposit or on clean basis
  • Credit administration of approved facilities and implementation of monitor measures
  • Set-up of credit line and levy of charges
  • Annual credit review

2.Interim Credit Control

  • Site visit, documentation check, loan utilisation and repayment records

3.Opening of Settlement Account

  • Cash inflow from the underlying project should be deposited into our bank account to facilitate loan repayment 

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