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Easy-Plus Mortgage Installment Loan

We understand your desire to own your dream house. With your needs in mind, our Easy-Plus Mortgage Installment Loan is designed to bring you to your dream home closer, faster and easier.
- Up to 90% of the appraised value

- Long Repayment Period with up to 30 years

- Preferential Interest Rates

- No evaluation charges

- No service charges for early partial repayment

- Flexible Repayment Plans

- Comprehensive Insurance Service

- Extensive Loan Combinations


1. "Easy-Plus Mortgage Installment Loan" application form

2. Applicant Identity Document

3. Income approved documents (tax demand notice, income receipt or job approved document)

4. The duplicate of property sales or purchasing agreement

5. Banking records (bank statement, deposit passbook or fix deposit receipt)

Additional Loan

Easy-Plus Combination Insurance Loan

Cooperating with professional insurance company, we provide different combinations of household insurance, mortgage insurance and other value-added insurance plans. Without worrying about your finance, we offer the premium lump sum loan to ensure you to get the security easily.  

Legal Fees Loan 

To make sure that you have a comprehensive home ownership plan to suit your repayment schedule, we have specially designed a "Legal fees Loan" packaged for you to easily settle your stamp duties and other legal fee payments. Preferential interest rate will be offered together with repayment period of up to 3 years maximum.  

Decoration Loan

In order to help our mortgage customers to lighten the burden of purchasing a house, we provide decoration loan with preferential interest rate with the repayment period up to 60 months.。 

Personal Loan

BOC Easy Money

We offer all-in-one Easy Money Personal Loan to fulfill your financial needs for buying a car, home fitment, travel or further education:

- Unsecured

- High loan amount, competitive interest rate, long repayment period

- Choice of 2 financing options: installment loan or revolving credit facility

The sample is for references only, please call our service hotline 888 95566 or visit any of our branches for details.

Car Loan

- Preferential interest rate

- Loan amount can be as high as 80% of the purchase price

- Repayment period is up to 60 monthly installments

- No need to purchase comprehensive car insurance

- Handling fees waiver

- Simply visit our Banking Center or any of sub-branches, and submit copies of your Identity Card, employment and income proof such as tax returns and payroll slips, bank statements, sale and purchase contract, as well as statement of utilities bills. Approval shall be timely.

Personal Financing

Share Financing Service

- Loan amount of up to 60% of your stock's value

- Increase your investment potential by buying 100% stocks at the price of only 40%

- For detail, please check ourShare Financing Percentage List. 。

Subscription of Newly-Issued Stocks

In order to catch the first investment opportunity, we provide subscription of newly-issued stocks loan with preferential interest rate and low service charges.

Taxi Loan

- Designed specially for Macau taxi owners

- Loan amount can be up to 2 million Hong Kong dollars

- Preferential interest rate of P-1% p.a.

BOC Student Loan Scheme

- BOC Student Loan Scheme is designed for Macau resident successfully enrolling higher diploma and above qualifications

- One-stop service to link up with the Macau Government Interest Subsidy Loan Scheme

- Long loan period with up to 14 years

- Tuition, incidentals and cost of living outside Macau will be included in the scheme

- Tailor made repayment plans

- The fund will be credited by stages in order to save interest expense

- Plus the student package – Credit Card, BOC Remittance Plus...etc

- Enjoin special discount for remittance and Travel Insurance

- Application accepted in any of our branches

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