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BOC Easy Links – Mainland China


BOC Easy Links – Mainland China


BOC Easy Links give you the convenience of sending money home with much ease and worry free. What’s more! Now you can remit your money via BOCNET (Personal) from your personal account in Macau Branch to your other account with any branches of Bank of China in the Mainland free of charge.


1 Nationwide branch network at your service
There are more than 10,000 branches and service centers of Bank of China across the country. Your remittance funds will be transmitted to your other preferred BOC account in the Mainland directly without any delay.

2 Simple and easily remit via BOCNET (Personal) 24 hours a day
BOCNET (Personal) is standing by 24-hours a day at your service, either to remit right the way or post-dated, or simply to check your remittance record online. No more hassle of running to the bank!

3 Charges waived for personal remittance
“BOC Links – Mainland China” is a free service as long as your remittance is from your personal account to your other account of any branches of Bank of China in the Mainland.

Documents and information required

1 To use this free 24-hours online remittance service via BOCNET(Personal), please register details of your beneficiary account at the counter beforehand.

2 Details of beneficiary account includes beneficiary’s name, bank account number, details of the receiving bank (including bank name, branch, phone number, office address and/or SWIFT code) and the purpose of remittance.

Friendly reminder

All remittances to the Mainland are subject to the rules and regulations of The State Administration of Foreign Exchange of PRC and those of Macau.

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