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e-Banking Services


To realize your new-millennium banking concept, BOC Macau brings you a completely new tailor-made banking service without time and region boundary, helping you to manage your personal banking easily, safely and effectively.

e-Banking Services include Service Hotline(Telephone Banking Service), the BOC Mobile Banking Services and BOC Online Banking (Personal services).  

Commission for the purchase and sale of stock is at a flat rate of 0.23% when using the e-Banking Services.

The BOC Mobile Banking Services

Bank of China Macau Branch delivers the “BOC Mobile Banking” services to you, e-Banking Services customers can use mobile phone to self-apply service, enjoy a variety of banking and investment services anytime anywhere. 

Investment and personal finance at your fingertips  

Bank of China Macau Branch introduces the “BOC Mobile Banking” services for a one-step banking solution. You can now use your mobile phone (1) for a variety of banking transactions (including account balance enquiries, fund transfers, bill payments, fixed/special deposits), and investment activities (stock price checking, stocks trading, new stock subscription, Forex Trading and HKD FX Margin) through CTM WeWAP mobile internet (2).

Real-time information so you never miss market opportunities
In today’s investment world, the old adage “Time is money” holds true. The real-time capabilities of “BOC Mobile Banking” services can automatically deliver transaction to the Stock Exchange, enabling you to capture trading opportunities as they happen. With the Instant Stock Quotation and Instant Transaction services, you will be able to grasp the latest market trends and investment opportunities without waiting.

Low risk, with secure banking information  

Enhancing security of information: The “BOC Mobile Banking” services puts the priority on protecting your privacy and security. To ensure information confidentiality and safety during transfer, we have adopted 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your trade information.

Dual authentication: The “BOC Mobile Banking” services is not only password protected, but also supported by a security system with login identification of your mobile number only (3), providing end-to-end security protection – and safeguarding your account from unauthorized access.

Get a good deal at flat rate charge 

You can enjoy a host of investment and banking services through the “BOC Mobile Banking” services for a monthly service fee of only MOP10 (4).  

Easy and simple self-service application  

All customers who activate the “e-Banking Services” from Bank of China Macau Branch can use their mobile phone to self-apply the service via CTM WeWAP mobile internet for instant use.  

1. Access your mobile phone’s browser

2. Enter the front page of “BOC Mobile Banking” Services

Enter“”directly in address bar or press [Mobile Banking] on the front page of CTM WeWAP

3. Press [Apply for the Service]

4. Read the terms and conditions for service terms & conditions

5. Enter your e-Banking number, current mobile phone number and e-Banking password

6. Press [Agree]

Notes: If your mobile cannot connect to Internet, Please visit Mobile GPRS Setting for your reference


1. The “BOC Mobile Banking” services customers are required to access the service via CTM Mobile Service and CTM WeWAP.

2. Accessing “BOC Mobile Banking” services while roaming through CTM WeWap mobile internet (2G or 3G), customers are required to pay for all the related data service roaming charges based on the individual charges of the roaming network operators.

3. When customers apply to “BOC Mobile Banking” services, their mobile SIM card and account will be captured, and customers are required to login with that particular SIM card.

4. MOP10 monthly services charge will be charged to “BOC Mobile Banking” services customers by CTM, no other extra data service charges are applied if customer does not browse any website other than BOC Mobile Banking. In addition, the monthly services charge does not include any roaming data service charges.

5. Bank of China Macau Branch and CTM reserve the right to make the final decision to amend the above terms and conditions.

Service Hotline (Telephone Banking Service)

You can be used with any touch-tone phones to inquire about your account balances, financial information, stock prices and inquiry quota. You can handle cash transfer, fixed deposit, HKD FX Margin, IPO service, stock trading and replying phone number pre-setting. You can also easily pay your bills of water supply, electricity, telecom, credit card, tax and mobile recharging service. The hotlines are simple to operate, convenient and speedy.

BOC Online Banking (Personal services) (BOCNET (Personal))

Taking advantage of Internet, you may manage your banking without any boundary of time and space. After accessing to Internet, you may enquire Account Details such as Current Balance, Transaction History and Online Transaction Record. Moreover, you may launch transactions such as Fixed/Special Account Management, Fund Transfer, Bill and Tax Payment, Mobile Recharging Service, Account List Updated, Modification of Personal Information, Change of Password, Passbook/Cheque lost Reported, Close of BOC Online Banking, Stock Trading/Subscription of New Stocks and Real-time Stock Quotation Enquiry.

We also provide a reliable new generation of the Automatic-Order Matching and Execution System for your stock investment. Your transaction instruction will be sent to HKEx directly within few seconds. Helping you to take the best opportunity in financial market.   

Our reliable and firm security technology will let you be at ease in your fund management.  

In case you are already our e-Banking customer, you may register just online with your e-Banking No. and Password and you are not necessary coming up to our Branch/Sub-branches for application.

Stock Quotation Enquiry Service 

We provide 188-time/month real time free stock quotation enquiry service on Service Hotline (Telephone Banking Service) or BOC Online Banking (Personal services). Increment of free enquires/month is applicable to stock transaction effected; free enquiry scheme table is shown as follows:

Particulars Increment of free enquiry / month Free enquiry / month
No transaction. ----- 188
1 piece of transaction effected / transaction amount is below HKD120,000.00 200 388
3 pieces of transaction effected / transaction amount is between HKD120,000.00 - 200,000.00 700 888
5 pieces of transaction effected / transaction amount is between HKD200,000.00 - 400,000.00 1,700 1,888
20 pieces of transaction effected / transaction amount is between HKD400,000.00 - 2,000,000.00 3,700 3,888
30 pieces of transaction effected / transaction amount is between HKD2,000,000.00 - 3,000,000.00 6,700 6,888
50 pieces of transaction effected / transaction amount is above HKD3,000,000.00 8,700 8,888

For each exceeded enquiry, 10 cents Patacas will be charged and debited from your e-Banking Service settlement account. A cycle of counting the number of enquiry times is from the last business day of every month to the day before the last business day of next month.  

ATTN: Service Hotline (Telephone Banking Service) customers may use stock quotation enquiry service subject to comply with the relevant Terms and Conditions by dialing Service Hotline on (853) 888 95566 before.

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