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Back to Back Documentary Credit Arrangement



Customer receives an export documentary credit issued in its favour from the buyer but as it is acting as a middleman in this trade deal, it is required to issue another import documentary credit to the ultimate supplier.

As the source of payment for the import documentary credit is from the export documentary credit, all the terms and conditions of the import documentary credit to be issued must be compatible with that of the export documentary credit except for amount, unit price, shipment date, presentation period and expiry date.

Application Requirements

1) Customer must maintain a banking account with us.

2) Customer also must have a Back-to-Back Credit facility given by the Bank.

3) The export documentary credit must be issued by a reputable international bank with bank line available from our Head Office.

Download Forms

Form_Application For Irrevocable Documentary Credit.doc

Form_Application For Amendment to Irrevocable Documentary Credit.doc 

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