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Export Purchase



Exporter has shipped goods to the buyer (importer) and presented documents to us for processing and dispatch to the importer’s bank for payment. These documents may be payable at sight or at a determinable future date (usance terms) and may be drawn under a documentary credit or on D/P or D/A collection basis.

An export trade facility is required before any application for export advances under documentary credit or collection can be processed. For documentary credit bills that are discrepant or whereby the issuing bank has no available bank line with our Head Office, advances must be processed against this facility.

Export Advances are provided with full recourse to the exporter in case of non-payment .by the issuing bank or the importer.

Benefits to exporter

1) Improve liquidity and cash flow position.

2) Faster business turnover facilitating business expansion.

Application Requirements

1) Exporter maintains a banking account with us.

2) Exporter has an export trade facility with the Bank.

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