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Trust Receipts



Trust Receipts is a common financing provided by the bank to the importer. The customer was granted with a revolving trust receipts facility after its credit standing, financial profile is assessed by the bank. Trust receipt limit has a fixed tenor and usually used together with import letter of credit limit.

In most scenarios, the importers submit Trust Receipt application to the bank after the transport documents are sent to the bank under letter of credit or import collection. Our bank provides financing by paying the supplier directly and effectively owns title to the goods.  The importer sells the goods on the behalf of the bank, subsequently, the proceeds is used to pay off the loan.

Product features

1. Bank provides financing to the importers, the proceeds from sale of the goods will subsequently be used to pay off the loan.

Eligible Applicants

Importer with financing need from the bank

Application requirements

1) Legally registered in Singapore.

2) Maintain current account with our bank.

3) Granted Trust receipt facility by our bank.

Application Procedures

1) Bank grants Trust Receipt facility to the importer.

2) Customers to sign a copy of “Master Trust Receipt Agreement”.

3) Applying trust receipts financing, customer is to submit Trust Receipt application form transaction by transaction, listing clearly the financing amount and relevant transaction information.

4) Bank releasing relevant transport document (including Bills of Lading) to the customer.

5) Customer pays off the loan when trust receipt falls due.

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