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Online Banking Service FAQ(Personal)


1. How do I apply for BOCNET (Bank of China Online Banking Service)?

In order to apply for the Service, you must have at least one account (savings account, current account, time deposit account, loan account, ATM Card or Credit Card) in single name with Bank of China Limited, Singapore Branch (the "Bank") (not applicable for joint account).

Please complete the Bank's Online Banking Service Application Form and visit the Bank's counter at any of our branch or sub-branches during office hours together with your valid identity card or passport and Credit Card (if any) .

2. What do I need for access to BOCNET?

Personal Online Banking Service

When your application for the Service over the counter at any of our branches has been approved, you will be able to collect your User ID,PIN Mailer and E-Token over the Bank's counter.

You can start using the Service upon receipt of the User ID, password and an E-Token. To access the Service and perform secured transactions, please use the User ID, password and the one-time passcode generated by your E-Token.

Please be sure to (i) keep your User ID, password and E-Token safe and secure and never give them out to any other person and (ii) take the necessary security precaution measures and practices.

3. What software and browser do I need for access to BOCNET?

A personal computer that connects to the internet with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 , Windows Vista or later version(s). IOS System may not access the Service.

You would need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later version(s). As a security precaution, please configure your Internet Explorer such that your User ID and password are not saved in your PC.

The site is best viewed on 1024 x 768 pixels or above resolution.

Anti-virus, anti-spy and firewall software must be installed in your personal computer particularly when they are linked via broadband connections, digital subscriber lines or cable modems.

4. How do I install BOC Online Banking security applet? Why do I fail to download the security applet? What should I do if an error code appears during installation?

Installing the security applet may prevent other persons from controlling your computer and stealing your User ID, password and other important data using worms (e.g. Trojan software). When you log in to  online banking for the first time, you should click on the link " Click to Install SafeControll " to download and install the online banking security applet, otherwise you will not be able to key in the login password.

If you fail to download the security applet, it might be because your security software or firewall has stopped the downloading process. You may consider temporarily disabling your security software and firewall and re-enabling them after you have successfully downloaded and installed the security applet. It might also be caused by unstable connection between your computer and the Internet. If your network connection is unstable and results in incomplete data download, please download the security applet again.

If an error code appears during installation of security applet, it might be because the version of security applet downloaded is incompatible with your operating system. If you use an English operating system, please download the applet from the English-version online banking login page. If you use a Chinese-version operating system, please download the applet from the Chinese-version online banking login page.

5. What should I do if I encounter SSL server certificate warning when I access the Service?

If you encounter SSL server certificate warning when you access the Service, you should terminate the login session and inform us by calling 1800-6695566 immediately after logging off.

6. From 8 Sep 2013 onwards, how can I log in to BOCNET?

Please check that you are using Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista or Windows7 with administrator access, and that you are using IE 5.5 or later version. You can access BOCNET (Singapore) via or or

BOCNET uses a Security Applet to protect your User ID and password. On your first login, the following page will show up, indicating that you need to install the Security Applet. Please select "Click to Install SafeControll" to install the Security Applet.

Please select the correct Applet language according to your OS setting.

After you have completed the Security Applet installation, you may be prompted by IE to "Enable" or "Don't Enable" the Security Applet the next time you access BOCNET. Please choose ENABLE.

The BOCNET Login page with functional Security Applet in shown below. Please input your User ID, password and E-Token OTP. User ID and password are case sensitive, while verification code is not.


7. What is the function of the E-Token?

E-Token is a security device that is provided to you to enable you to access BOCNET.

It will generate a unique 6-digit passcode, also known as a one-time password (OTP), which is displayed on a small screen on the E-Token, when activated by user. Each OTP has a limited time frame and can only be used once. Hence, please input the OTP within its time span for authentication when you log in to the Service.  If not, you will need to re-activate it again to obtain a new OTP. The E-Token generally expires in 3-4 years and replacement can be done over the Bank's counter.

8. What do I need to do if I had lost or misplaced the e-Token?

For personal customers, your first E-Token will be issued to you free of charge.  In the event of lost, theft or negligent damage to the E-Token, please proceed to one of our branches with a valid identification card or passport to request for a replacement.

A replacement fee of SGD20 plus GST charges applies. This fee is subject to change.

9. What can I do if I am not able to log in to BOCNET with the correct BOCNET User ID and password?

For security reasons, if you have tried to log in to BOCNET with your PIN/E-Token passcode unsuccessfully for 5 times in a day, your PIN/E-Token will be locked and released the next day. However, if you have tried to log in with your PIN/E-Token passcode unsuccessfully for a total of 15 times consecutively, the PIN/ E-Token will also be locked and you would need to proceed to one of our branches to unlock the PIN/E-Token. If you need to access your BOCNET account urgently, please proceed to any of our branches with a valid identification document to unlock the User ID or E-Token.

If you have entered the User ID and PIN correctly but the message is still "password is invalid", please try the following:

a) Check your access page to BOCNET and make sure that you see the access page as per the picture below. If you are using the old access path will not be able to log in to BOCNET. Therefore, please log in or or .

b) BOCNET uses a security applet to protect your User ID, PIN and E-token passcode. Hence, if you are unable to log in to BOCNET, please remove the control applet and reinstall. You need to be the computer administrator to do this. Please use the following steps to reinstall:

Step 1: At Control Panel, select BOC Security Applet and remove it.

Step 2: Enter the BOCNET login page and it will prompt you on the applet installation. Click on it and proceed accordingly. 

Step 3: Close all browsers and log in to BOCNET.

c)  If you are certain that you have entered the correct website and with the security applet properly installed but still unable to log in, please try to clear your browsing history.

d) If you are still unable to login after trying all the above solutions, please kindly proceed to our main branch at 4 Battery Road, Bank Of China Building, Singapore 048908 for assistance.

10. How can I link up or de-register my Savings, Current, Multi-Currency Savings, and Loan accounts on my BOCNET?

To link the accounts, please follow the follow steps:

Log in to BOCNET and select "My Accounts" followed by "Account Management". Click "Register New Account" and choose the accounts that you want to link into your BOCNET. Upon completion, click " Submit".

You can also deregister your account that is linked to BOCNET.  However, you cannot deregister and register the same account on the same day.

11. How can I link my credit card(s) to BOCNET?

To link your credit card to BOCNET, please proceed to any BOC branch with your ID or passport and your credit card(s). For Savings Account, Multi-Currency Savings account, Time Deposit account, ATM Card and Loan Account linkage, these can be registered to BOCNET once you log in to BOCNET.

12. What are services available on Bank of China Online Banking (BOCNET)?

Personal Online Banking Service

We provide a wide range of personal online banking services for your convenience:

§ Check the balances and transaction records of your accounts;

§ Transfer funds between accounts maintained with the Bank;

§ GIRO Transfer to other bank accounts in Singapore;

§ Register or cancel your ATM Card;

§ Check Credit Card Bills;

§ Register or cancel your accounts with the Service;

§ Set up a personalized nick-name for your designated account for the Service;

§ Check current transaction(s);

§ Check your online banking transactions records;

§ Stop cheque payment;

§ Change of password.

13. What are the types of Funds Transfers that can be done?

There are 3 kinds of funds transfers:

1. Funds Transfer to my Account

To transfer funds within your own BOC accounts, transactionswill be processed immediately.

2. Funds Transfer to Other BOC Accounts.

To transfer funds other BOC accounts within BOC Singapore, transactions will be processed immediately.

3. Funds Transfer to Other Bank

To transfer funds to other banks' accounts, transactions will be processed on the next business day and received in generally T+3 (excluding Public Holidays), depending on the receiving bank.

14. How can I perform a Funds Transfer?

Using the new generation E-Token, you can add new payees via BOCNET.

You are required to key in  an  E-Token OTP when submitting third party transfer transactions.

15. When can I perform a Fund Transfer?

Please see the following table:

Type of Transfer Transaction Time
Transfer to own account (same currency) within the Bank At any time except during the system maintenance period
Transfer to own account (cross-currency) within the Bank 0900hr - 1700hr
Transfer to other accounts within the Bank At any time except during system maintenance period
GIRO Transfer to Local Bank Accounts (Personal) 0800hr – 2000hr

For Personal Online Banking customers, the services are available on all days of the week. However, Online Banking GIRO Transfer initiated on weekends or public holidays will only be processed on the next business day.

16. Can I perform cross-currency funds transfer under the same Multi-Currency Savings account (Passbook Savings)?

This service is currently not available.

17. What is the transfer limit for Funds Transfer?

For Personal Online Banking, the transfer limits for the new generation E-Token is set as follows:

Type of transaction

Per Transaction

Per day

Transfer to your own account within the Bank (same or cross currency) No limit No limit
Transfer to other accounts within the Bank SGD100,000 SGD100,000
GIRO Transfer SGD50,000 SGD50,000
Note: The Bank will regularly review these limits and for security reasons may change the maximum transaction limits that can be made through the Service.

18.  Can I make changes to my transaction limit?

No. Currently, you are unable to make any changes to the pre-set transaction limit.

19. How can I perform a stop cheque payment on my BOCNET

You will have to key in the 10 or 11 digit account number (please refer to your cheque book for this 10 or 11 digit account number) + 6 digit cheque number to stop cheque payment.

20. How do I know the exchange rate for the transactions performed in different currencies?

You may click on the ‘Exchange Rate Enquiry’ option on the transaction page to get the real time exchange rate when you fill in the transfer instruction, but it may differ from the actual rate you get as the exchange rate could change during the time that you take to complete the transaction.  Once you have completed the transaction, click ‘Confirm’ and you will receive a confirmation showing the actual exchange rate applied to the transfer.

21. What if my computer hangs or the internet connection is cut off during the course of performing a banking transaction via the Service?

If this occurs, you should resume access to the Internet and log in to the Service as per how you would normally.Check the balance or transaction records of your account via “Accounts Overview” and “Transaction Records” in “My Accounts”, and determine whether or not any transactions you were performing has been successfully completed.

If the transactions have been successfully completed, you need not take any further action.  If the transactions have not been completed, you may perform the transaction again according to your needs.  If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at 1800-6695566.

22. When I access to the Service, why does it prompt “dialog failure”?

After you have log in to the Service, the system will prompt “dialog failure” and log you off automatically if you leave it unattended for a long time.  If you want to continue using the Service, please log in again.  Such design is to prevent unauthorised access to your account if you leave your computer unattended and forget to exit the Service.

23. What should I do if I find that the information displayed is in the wrong format or incorrect?

Please contact us at 1800-6695566 immediately for us to look into the problem.

24. What should I do if I suspect that my E-Token has been stolen or that there has been unauthorised access to the Service.

Please contact us at 1800-6695566 immediately to report the case.

25. How can I terminate the Service?

You may terminate the Service by submitting the Bank Online Banking Service Application Form to the Bank, indicating cancellation of the Service.

26. Contact Us

Please contact us at 1800-6695566 should you have any queries on Online Banking related issues. 

You can also email us at to feedback on our Service.
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