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Frequently Asked Questions(New Generation E-TOKEN)


Q1: What is new generation E-Token?

ANS:  As part of an industry-wide initiative to heighten security, we have introduced a new security device that enables you to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) for online banking transactions. It has a new security feature called Transaction Signing to offer added security by providing transaction-specific details for performing high-risk transactions like adding payees or performing high-value transactions.

Q2: Are there any changes to Bank of China Online Banking Services with the new generation E-Token?

ANS:  The following features are only available using the new generation E-Token:

(i) Adding new payees

(ii) Increased limit for funds transfer (including funds transfer to other accounts within the Bank and interbank GIRO funds transfer)

Your existing E-Token can still be used but will not be able to perform the above functions.

Q3: Can I continue using my existing E-Token after I have received the new generation E-Token?

ANS: Yes, you can continue using your existing E-Token until you activate your new generation E-Token. After activation of the new E-Token, your existing E-Token will no longer be in use.

Q4: I have not received the new generation E-Token. Can I continue using my existing E-Token?

ANS: Yes, your existing E-Token can still be used but may have limited capabilities as compared to the new generation E-Token.

Q5: What if I have misplaced my existing E-Token or forgotten my username and password?

ANS: If you have misplaced your existing E-Token or forgotten your username and password, you may visit any BOC branch with a valid identification card or passport to request for a replacement. A replacement fee of S$20 plus GST charge applies and this fee is subject to change.

Q6: What if I have more questions on the new generation E-Token?

Please call our 24-hour customer service helpline at 1800 6695566.

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