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International Remittance - Inward


Benefits and Features

Bank of China has an extensive network of correspondent banks and overseas branches. We provide global remittance service in various currencies by either telegraphic transfer (T/T) or demand draft (D/D). Therefore, you can receive funds from most parts of the world in a safe and quick manner.

Required Information

To receive funds from an overseas party via T/T, please provide them with the following details:

• Account Holder Name

• Account Number

• Name of Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China

• Address of Beneficiary Bank: 4 Battery Road, Bank of China Building, Singapore 049908


Gentle Reminder

Why is the amount of a T/T remittance received sometimes less than the original amount of remittance?

If the remitting bank and our Bank mutually open nostro/vostro accounts, Our Bank may receive the full amount of the remittance. However, as most remitting banks do not have any account relationship with our bank, a remittance may have to be transferred to our bank via one or several correspondent banks. Each correspondent bank deducts a service charge when handling the transfer service. Therefore, the amount of T/T remittance you receive is probably less than the original amount of the remittance.

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