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The RMB Financial Market Products

Agency Business of Foreign Institutions Investing in CIBM

Agency business of foreign institutional investing in CIBM refers foreign institutional investors in line with the definition of regulatory policies from the People's Bank of China and regulations of commissioned by the Bank of China Co., Ltd. as its trading and settlement agents in CIBM to do all kinds of investment.

Applicable customers:

Sovereign institutions, Commercial bank and Corporates

The RMB FX Spot Transactions 

The RMB Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction refers to the foreign exchange transaction settled on the second bank working day after the foreign exchange transaction has been concluded. The settlement day is the value date. The value date will be postponed if it falls out of the bank working day or during the holidays.

Applicable customers:

An institutional client with a real business needs background, and an individual Client.

The RMB FX Forward Transactions

RMB FX forward contract is an agreement to purchase or sell a set amount of a foreign currency at a specified price for settlement at a predetermined time in the future (2 days after the trade date). In general, the time period for RMB FX forward contract is under 1 year, thereafter is called Super forwards. Currently BOCJHB can offer up to 3 years tenor.

Applicable customers:

The Clients needing RMB exchange in the future for overseas trade settlement, investments, foreign loans or repayment

The RMB FX Swap Transactions

The swap consisted of the 2 transactions with the same amount but different starting date and in opposite direction. Therefore,  a RMB FX swap has a near and far value dates and 2 agreed exchange rates. Through the swap transaction, the client settles with BOCJHB at the agreed exchange rate to convert one currency into another currency at the first starting day, and then settle at second value date by, in accordance to the agreement, exchanging abovementioned currencies reversely at agreed exchange rate.

Applicable customers:

The institutional Clients who opened the settlement (clearing) account in BOCJHB, and has a truthful trade background

The Panda Bond Underwriting

• Panda bond is a RMB-denominated bond issued by foreign institutions in the Chinese Interbank Bond Market and exchange market.

• Panda bond underwriting business means Bank of China as Lead Manager, Joint Lead Manager, Deputy Lead Manager or Financial Consultant, organize panda bond issuance at public or private placement by standby underwriting or underwriting according to the underwrite agreement signed by issuer. And remind the issuer disclose information, redeem principal and interest in time.

Overseas RMB Assets Management

Oversea RMB asset management business targets at oversea institutions, and the currency is RMB. Bank of China as the fund manager and issuer, invest assets according to prospectus. The benefits and risks are bearded by clients and Bank of China will charge certain service fees.

Applicable customers:

Sovereign institutions, Commercial bank and Corporates

Customer Service Hotline:

Financial Market Department

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