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Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction refers to the foreign exchange transaction settled on the second bank working day after the foreign exchange transaction has been concluded. The settlement day is the value date. The value date will be postponed if it falls out of the bank working day or during the holidays.


Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction is the most essential form in foreign exchange dealings. It has the following main functions:

• Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction can meet the needs of the customer to make temporary payment. Through Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction, the customer can convert one foreign currency into another duly to deal with the foreign exchange settlement in individual funds management, such as allowance or maintenance and it's also utilized in import and export business, tendering and overseas project contracting, etc., or in paying back foreign exchange loans.

• Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction can help rationalizes the composition of the customer's foreign currencies on hand. Through Foreign Exchange Spot Transaction, an individual or corporate can mitigate foreign exchange risks.

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