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Branch Overview

On June 5th 2 of 2017, witnessed by Chinese and Angolan political dignitaries, Mr. Chen Siqing, the then president of Bank of China and the current chairman of board of directors of Bank of China, and Mr.Manuel, the then minister and chef of civil house of Angola, together unveiled the nameplate of Bank of China Luanda Branch, the first Asian bank as well as the first foreign bank established in the form of branch in Angola, celebrating the symbolic moment of the formal entrance in Angolan market of Bank of China...

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Luanda Branch

Address: Via S10, Number 701-7,condominio Belas Business Park, Torre Cuanza Sul 8th floor, Bairro Talatona, Luanda, Republic of Angola

Tel: 00244-923 165 700

Fax: 00244-923 165 717