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General Organization

The Bank of China - Luanda Branch work model includes a complete set of policies and processes that ensure operational efficiency, risk control, reliability of accounting data and auxiliary information, as well as compliance with laws, regulations and internal rules. Taking into account the legal nature of the bank, the Senior Management of the Branch will comprise a President, one or two Vice Presidents (or assistants to the President); At the same time, the Branch has established Corporate Finance Department, Banking Department, General Administration Department, Finance and Operations Department, Risk Management Department, Compliance Department, Exchange Control, Internal Audit and other departments/posts according with the authorization of Headquarters. Therefore, the organizational structure presented in the mentioned organization chart is as follows:

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Luanda Branch

Address: Via S10, Number 701-7,condominio Belas Business Park, Torre Cuanza Sul 8th floor, Bairro Talatona, Luanda, Republic of Angola

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