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Development Strategy of Bank of China Luanda Branch


Mission:Delivering financial services to the world and improving the well-being for the society

Vision:Building a world-class modern banking group

Core Value:Delivering excellent service, pursuing steady growth, creating value for all stakeholders, cultivating an open and accommodative culture, and achieving shared benefits through coordinated efforts

Bank of China Luanda Branch will strive to make contribution to the group's strategic goal abovementioned.


As the unique Chinese bank in Angola, the BOCLB will focus on the fields such as Sino-Angola cooperation & trade, devoted to providing financial services including international settlement, foreign exchange transactions, deposits, and loans etc., to our corporate customers just as Sino Angola bilateral trade enterprises and Angolan companies operated by Chinese investment, striving to making the due contributions to promoting China-Angola economic and trade cooperation.


Implementing the Group's development strategy about Angolan Business, focusing on safe and compliance operations, the BOCLB will adhere to "consolidating the foundation, preventing risks, improving quality, developing steadily" to achieve the safety of personnel, capital, and assets.

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Luanda Branch

Address: Via S10, Number 701-7,condominio Belas Business Park, Torre Cuanza Sul 8th floor, Bairro Talatona, Luanda, Republic of Angola

Tel: 00244-923 165 700

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