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Announcement on Credit Grant in Specific Sector of the Real Economy (As of January 31, 2021)


According to the requirements of Article 7 of Notice No.10/2020 issued by the National Bank of Angola on April 1, 2020, our bank's announcement regarding the relevant content is as follows:

As of January 31, 2021, the total approved amount of credit to specific areas of the real sector of the economy is 560 million kwanza, the total amount disbursed is 420 million and 170 million have been settled.

Under Notice No. 04/2019 and Notice No. 07/2019, 170 million were approved and disbursed with a term of 6 months, it has already been settled and the existing balance is 0.

Under Notice No. 10/2020, until the present date, 390 million have been approved, 200 million have been disbursed over a 6-month period and 50 million have been disbursed over a 3-month period, and the existing balance is 250 million.


Bank of China Luanda Branch
January 31, 2021

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