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Accounts and Deposits

Corporate customers can open current accounts (payment accounts) with Bank of China (Central and Eastern Europe) Limited Vienna Branch ("Bank of China Vienna Branch") in EUR, USD and RMB currency. Current accounts are used for inward and outward remittances in local currency as well as in foreign currencies, but also for internal transfers between several accounts. Our customers can rely on the fast and high-quality transaction processing through Bank of China Group's international and dense correspondent banking network.

The term deposits offered by Bank of China Vienna Branch cover different multiple time periods in the quoted currencies for the investment of corporate funds over a certain period of time. We will be pleased to arrange with you a suitable deposit agreement.

Our payment services are offered both on a paper-based transaction mode as well as on an efficient and rapid online banking system called NetBanking. As for paper-based transactions we are happy to provide a transaction application form ( "Application For Funds Transfer"pdf) that can be submitted to our relationship managers.

Bank of China is also currently also working on the implementation of GPI ("Global Payments Innovation") for its customers, in order to improve the service level for customers in cross-border payments by increasing speed, transparency and end-to-end tracking of cross-border payments.

At current, our payment services are based on a non-cash basis and concentrate on the execution of domestic and international payment transfers. The implementation of a cashier desk for cash withdrawals and cash deposits is planned for the future.

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