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Trade Finance

As a local bank acting both domestically and internationally, Bank of China (Central and Eastern Europe) Limited Vienna Branch (Bank of China Vienna Branch) helps corporate customers to face the challenging opportunities arising from the growing trade volumes between Austria and China and between Europe and Asia. International trade requires specialized security instruments to safeguard the trading process and payment routes between enterprises. Our bank acts as an intermediary between trading partners and helps to facilitate the trading operations, by providing trade finance products and by reducing the international trading risks of our customers. We offer a wide range of trade finance products such as:

  • documentary letters of credits (L/Cs) and documentary bills for collection
  • different kinds of international bank guarantees (demand guarantees) such as payment LGs, credit guarantees, advance payment guarantees, tender bonds, performance bonds, stand-by letters of credit
  • clean collections and bills of exchange
  • forfaiting and receivables purchasing, advance on export documents
  • interim financing and structured trade financing (see also corporate loans)

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