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Online Banking

Notice of Change to Bank of China (Australia) Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services (Effective from 1 December 2019)


Dear Customer,

The following changes apply to Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services and relevant Disclosure Documents.

1. Loan Redraw Services are available through Personal Mobile Banking

From the Change Date the renumbered Paragraph 9 is deleted and new Paragraph 9 below is inserted into Section 4 of the Conditions of Use, as follows:

9.4 Loan redraw

9. Loan Management Service

Personal Internet Banking customers can access the Loan Management Service for the following functions relating to your Bank of China home loan.

9.1 View loan accounts

Select to view Loan Account details.

9.2 Repayment history

Select to review Your repayments.

9.3 Early repayment

Select to make additional repayments. (Please note that the terms and conditions of your Loan Agreement will apply to any early repayments You may make. Please also note that break costs may apply as set out in your Loan Agreement).

9.4 Loan redraw

Select to a loan redraw by a funds transfer from the available redraw amount in your Bank of China Home Loan Linked Account to your deposit Linked Account.

Loan Redraw is not available if your Home Loan Linked Account is a Joint Account or if you do not have direct debit repayments set up from a Bank of China Account to the Home Loan Linked Account.

2. New online Terms and Conditions for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

From the Change Date, terms and conditions relating to Business Internet Banking, Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking are available in the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions at

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us during business hours for assistance on 1800 095 566 (if calling within Australia) or +61 3 9670 6200 (if calling from overseas).

22 November 2019
Bank of China (Australia) Limited
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