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Notice of Support to COVID-19 Affected Customers


Dear Customers,

Bank of China (Australia) Limited recognises the impact of COVID-19 on our economy and society. The personal and financial security of our customers is our priority. We are therefore reaching out to assist customers who are suffering financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19, including those who cannot afford the minimum loan or credit card repayment amount and customers who have received overdue notices for loan or credit card payments.

Please refer to our Financial Difficulty Assistance for information about the assistance the Bank may provide:

  • Tailoring a payment arrangement
  • Deferring or reducing loan repayments for a defined period of time
  • Extending your loan term
  • Capitalising arrears

Relevant assistance will depend on your personal circumstances and financial situation.

Please call 1800 095 566 (within Australia) / +61 3 9670 6200 (overseas) or visit your nearest branch.

24 March 2020
Bank of China (Australia) Limited
ABN 28 110 077 622 AFSL No. 287322

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