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Commercial Loan

According to customers’ business/investment needs, the Bank is able to offer the following, but not limited to, financing products:

1.Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Loan is used to meet with the customer’s short to medium term needs during the course of business operation.

2.Property Construction Loan

Property developer can apply Property Construction Loan against mortgage over the land and improvement of the related project site. Loan will be drawn progressively according to the stages of works. The Bank will appoint a panel Quantity Surveyor to supervise the progress of works and to confirm the amount of each drawdown.

3.Property Mortgage Loan

Customer can apply loan facility against mortgage over property asset under the agreed Loan to Property Value Ratio (“LVR”). This loan product is able to facilitate those customers who are going to acquire property assets, e.g. industrial warehouse, office, shopping centre etc, and also customers who are seeking for refinancing of their existing loan facilities.


Customers can draw cash advance from the designated account within the approved credit limit in order to meet its daily business operations.


•A wide range of loan currencies can be provided. For example, AUD, USD, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD etc.

•Loan tenor can be determined according to the customers’ short/medium/long-term capital needs. Loan types can be classified as Term Loan (interest payment only is allowed during the loan life) / Revolving Loan / Installment Loan.

•Customers can choose either fixed interest rate or variable interest rate for their loan facilities. The Bank can also provide Interest Rate Swap as a hedging solution for meeting with customers’ need.

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