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Outward Bill Finance

Short-Term finance supplied by the Bank with the export bill as the security as required by the exporter after delivery of goods and provision of the documents requested by the letter of credit or the contract.

The products are classified into non-discrepancy export bill purchase under the L/C, discrepancy export bill purchase under the L/C, D/P collection export bill purchase and D/A collection export bill purchase.


•Acceleration of capital turnover. The exporter can be paid in advance before receiving payment from importer, so that capital turnover can be speeded up.

•Simplification of financing procedures. Financing procedures are simpler than those of working capital loan.

•Improvement of cash flow. The financial condition is improved by increasing current cash flow.

•Less financial expenses. The customer can choose the funding currency in accordance to the interest rates of different currencies in Bank of China, so as to minimize the financial expenses.

•Lowering of the credit extension threshold. For the documents in conformity with the L/C, the exporter can still apply for export bill purchase even without credit line in the bank.

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