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Packing Loan

A special loan offered by the Bank to the exporter who has received qualified letter of credit, to be used under items of procurement, production and shipment, so as to support the exporter to implement the contract, effect delivery as scheduled. Packing loan is a pre-loading short-term financing, which enables the exporter to purchase, prepare the material, produce and trade without difficulty even the self-owned capital is not sufficient.


•Expansion of trade opportunities. It can help exporters to run business smoothly and seize trade opportunities in the event of shortage of capital and failure to satisfy the requirements of advanced payment.

•Reduction of tied up capitals. It alleviates pressure of working capital because exporters’ own capital will not be occupied during lead time for purchase, production and so on.

•Satisfaction of the exporters’ requirements of short-term financing for goods preparation and shipment under L/C.

•Source of repayment comes from earnings from export under L/C with conditional credit guarantee by the issuing bank.

•It belongs to special loans with a clear trade background. The closed management is applicable to the product.

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