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Direct Debit Payments / Direct Debit Payments Cancellation

A direct debit is a regular automatic payment from your eligible transaction account. You can set up a direct debit using your BSB and account number and it allows a merchant or service provider to take an agreed amount of money from your account into a merchant’s or service provider’s account at arranged times.

You can contact us and request that we send a direct debit claim or cancellation request on your behalf, and prevent any further payments if needed. You can call us on 1800 095 566 (Within Australia) or 0061-3-9670 6200 (From Overseas) to cancel your direct debit or you can visit us in your local branch. You will need to fill out and submit the direct debit request form to us.

Tips: You can simply print and complete the form (you can find it in “Forms Download" on our home page at home and bring it with you and that will make the process faster. After you have successfully submitted the request we will block the direct debit within 3 business days.

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