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Foreign Exchange Option


A Foreign exchange option refers to a financial product which gives the right but not the obligation to the option buyer to exchange money dominated in one currency into another currency at a pre-agreed exchange rate on a specified date, after the option buyer pays a certain option premium to the option seller.


•The product provides a method to hedge foreign exchange risk. It also offers clients the opportunity to profit from foreign exchange rate changes.

•Suitable for corporate customers who have foreign exchange derivatives knowledge and need to hedge the foreign exchange risk.


Dual Currency Investment is a structured product which combines term deposit and FX option. The client buy a term deposit and sell an option contract at the same time. Giving the right of exercise to the bank, the client receives two parts of return, term deposit interest and option premium.


•The product gives option premium as additional income on top of ordinary term deposit interest. It also locks the exchange rate at the customers’ choice.

•Suitable for corporate customers who has experience in foreign exchange trading, can make their judgment in foreign exchange market and are keen for higher investment return through foreign exchange trading.

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