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Bank of China UnionPay Rewards Credit Card

Product Introduction

The Bank of China UnionPay Rewards Credit Card is Australia's first UnionPay brand credit card and is jointly launched by Bank of China (Australia) Limited and UnionPay International. The credit card is popular with customers in Australia who have a relationship with China, including cross-border business people, tourists travelling from Australia to Asia, expat Chinese and international students in Australia.

The Bank of China UnionPay Rewards Credit Card can be used for making purchases and for withdrawing cash worldwide from any ATM displaying a UnionPay logo or from any Bank of China retail branch in Australia. The UnionPay Card is the most widely accepted Australian issued card with merchants and ATMs in Mainland China. It is the ideal travel partner for Bank of China customers.


1. Contactless purchases

This UnionPay Rewards Credit Card provides "QuickPass" contactless payment. If the payment amount is less than AU$100, you can use QuickPass to tap the card and pay. If the payment balance is more than AU$100, after tapping your card you will need to enter the pin to authorise and complete payment. Contactless purchases can be completed within seconds.

2. Card security

The card provides enhanced security for Bank of China customers through an EMV standard chip and 24/7 instant SMS notification of every card transaction.

You can reduce your credit limit at any time and you can control additional cardholder expenditure by setting separate transaction limits, within the overall limit, for each additional cardholder.

3. Online purchases

Make fast and convenient online purchases paying directly on a UnionPay Rewards Credit Card or by linking the card to a PayPal Australia account and paying online with PayPal.

4. Savings for customers

As a Bank of China UnionPay Rewards Cardholder, you can take advantage of an interest free period of up to 50 days on card purchases and you can access Interest-Free Instalment Plans to spread repayments over a number of months to allow for larger purchases or to cover periods of high expenses or other commitments.

5. Rewards Points

With our Rewards Credit Card, eligible transactions can earn you unlimited rewards points. You can redeem your rewards points for gift cards or cash back. Please note that rewards points accumulated in a financial year expire two years from the financial year end in which they were accumulated. To further reward Cardholders, UnionPay regularly launches special promotions such as discounted reward points redemptions, cash back deals and discount shopping coupons.

For further information, click the hyperlink for UnionPay Card Privileges in Australia:

Customer Service

Bank of China (Australia) Limited provides a 24 hours Customer Service Hotline to assist you with your product general enquires, for online service PIN reset, to report a lost card. Hotline: 1800 026 228 (Within Australia);0061-2-8235 5995(From Overseas)

Information is correct as at 11 February 2021 and is subject to change.

Credit Provider is Bank of China (Australia) Limited Australian Credit Licence Number 287322

Credit Card issue is subject to Bank of China lending criteria.

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