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Merger & Acquisition Loan


In recent years, Bank of China has provided nearly USD 60 billion financing support to over 200 cross-border M&A and privatization projects, built a market- leading brand image.

Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Brussels Branch will mobilize all the resource to design and implement the best financing plans, which will fully meet the targets and requirement of customers.


One-stop M&A Finance Solutions

1-Financing advisor: Credit standing inquiry, Local investigation assistance, Financing plan designing, financing instrument selection, Market environment testing

2-Debt capital market: Cross-border M&A loan, corporate bond issuance, value-added service, and Syndicated loan.

3-Equity capital market: PE financing, Co-investment, share placement

4-Comprehensive banking service: FX deal, Fund transfer, financing support after M&A deal


Credit origination, credit approval and disbursement fulfil the efficient needs of M&A fund for the enterprise:

1-Bidding, due diligence, etc.

2-Seeking reliable financing

3-Winning the bid, signing M&A agreement

4-Obtaining administrative approvals

5-Closing the deal

For Bank of China (Luxembourg) S.A. Brussels Branch:

1-Credit origination

2-Credit approval

3-Executing finance documents


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