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Overseas loan under domestic guarantee


When subsidiaries established by Chinese "going global" enterprises in Belgium is looking for credit support due to capital needs in production and operation, they may apply for financing from Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Brussels Branch (hereafter Brussels Branch) under the following precondition: the foreign subsidiary shall be secured by a SBLC or L/G issued by a domestic branch of Bank of China or other commercial bank in which Brussels Branch is appointed as the beneficiary.


1- It can meet the financing needs for the "going global" enterprises to establish subsidiaries in Belgium:

A Chinese corporate customer may have a Belgium subsidiary with limited strength or not qualified for applying for financing credit independently from Bank of China. Therefore, its financing needs can be solved by the product of "domestic guarantee and foreign loan".

2- It is simple and convenient:

The financing application is handled through guarantee with rapid approval of credit line, as well as simple procedures.

Interest Rate

Subject to Bank of China's management rules on loan interest rates


All charges are subjected to the agreement.

Target Customers

Corporate customers in need of financing from -Brussels Branch for commercial activities between parent company in China and subsidiary in Belgium or among affiliated companies.

Corporate customers, whose parent companies or affiliated companies located in China and subsidiaries located in Belgium, need to obtain financing from Brussels Branch to engage in business and trade activities.

Application Qualifications

1-The borrower should be a registered legal person of enterprise or other economic organization with the valid business license.

2-The borrower should have acquired a valid SBLC or L/G.

3-The borrower shall have an account at Bank of China.

4-The borrower should be in line with other loan requirements of Bank of China.

Required Documents

1-Loan application

2-Certificate of enterprise legal representative or power of attorney, board of director’s resolution and the articles of association.

3-Valid enterprise corporate (legal person) business license (copy).

4-The borrower's audited financial statements of the latest tree years and latest financial statement.

5-Other documents and certificates required by Bank of China.


1-The applicant contacts the Business Development Department of Brussels Branch, files the loan application and provides the above documents.

2-The Branch reviews the borrowers' application documents.

3-The Branch contacts with relevant domestic branch of Bank of China or another commercial bank.

4-The borrower receives the valid SBLC or L/G issued by the domestic branch of Bank of China or other commercial bank

5-Both parties sign the loan agreement after the application is approved.

6-The borrower opens a loan account to obtain the loan.

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