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Transfer and Remittance


Transfer & remittance indicates that customers can transfer funds among different accounts at Bank of China, and transfer funds to accounts within or outside European Union. The transfer and remittance services of online banking are only applicable to current accounts, or between the term deposit account and current account.


1. Domestic transfer: customers can transfer the funds in current account to his/her or other people's account, including: transfer among customers' accounts of the same currency, transfer among customers' accounts of different currencies (currencies exchange), and transfer to other people's current account in Bank of China.

2. Overseas remittance: customers can remit the funds in current account to an overseas account, including: general remittance (remittance directly from a current account of EUR or another currency) and RMB advance settlement of foreign exchange remittance.

3. Term deposit: customers can convert the funds in current account into term deposit, or transfer mature funds to certain current account.

4. Payee management: customers can store the information of frequently used payees; therefore they can simply find certain payee's information for online remittance without inputting every time.

5. Scheduled transactions management: by using this function, customers can manage the scheduled transfer and remittance transactions and the system handles the transactions according to customers' selection (only personal scheduled transfer in single currency is available at present).

6. Inquiry about online banking transactions: customers can make inquiry about whether the presented online banking transaction is accepted, and inquire about and print the historical transactions.

Target Customers

The service is applicable to corporate customers of Bank of China Athens Branch. Bank of China (Luxembourg) S.A. Athens Branch will rely on the service system of its parent bank-Bank of China (Luxembourg) to provide online banking services to corporate customers,and provide efficient and convenient online financial services for enterprises.

Application Qualifications

All customers of Bank of China's online banking can apply for the service.


When transferring money to other people's account at Bank of China or making remittance to other countries, customers should check the information of payee to prevent failure to receive the money by the payee or loss of funds due to the wrong information.

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