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As the first financial institution established by Bank of China in the Central Europe, Bank of China (Hungary) Close Ltd declared grand opening officially on February 10, 2003, after a very short and efficient preparation period.

Hungary and China have a long history of trade and economic cooperation although far away from each other, and have established profound friendship cherished by both countries. Both being emerging-market countries, China and Hungary enjoy complementarities in many areas of economic development. Hungary, with its advantageous geographic position in the central part of Europe, has become a member of the European Union, which will enable it to play a more significant role for the economic and trade development between China and Hungary, and China and Europe as well. The prospects of cooperation between the two countries are sure to be prosperous. By the full support from Bank of China Head Office, Bank of China (Hungary) Close Ltd wills prudently expanding its business scope in compliance with laws and regulations, and in seizing the opportunities in the regional market and Sino-Hungarian trade.

The Bank of China (Hungary) Close Ltd focuses its business for all kind of primary importance banking products, like deposit, remittance, loan and credit, trade finance, international settlement and treasury businesses as well, already from the beginning.

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