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NetBank Services for Individual Customer


With Netbank service, individual customer can check, download or print present-day or historical transaction records of his/her accounts, check, download or print present-day or historical balance records of his/her accounts, handle internal transfer between the accounts of his/her own or to the accounts of other customers in same or different currency within the bank, handle HUF remittance from HUF account to other banks within Hungary ,handle EUR or USD outgoing remittance from account in same currency or in different currency, handle USD outgoing remittance with settled CNY exchange rate from USD account, (after open fix term deposit account at counter of the bank) open or release fix time deposit in HUF,USD,EUR CNY.


Customer needs not to go to the bank in person for some non-cash transactions. Netbank services can save customer’s valuable time.

With username, password set by yourself and e-token, you can enjoy the swift and convenient Netbank services safely.

Some of Netbank services are cheaper than paper-based transactions.

How to apply for Netbank service?

Apply at the counters of the bank in person with your valid ID.

If a customer has signed a fax business contract with the bank, the bank can accept application sent by fax if the fax is in order .

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