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Currencies Exchange

The bank provides the exchange services between HUF and foreign currencies (EUR, USD, CNY) and exchange service between foreign currencies.


Preferential FX rates for exchange among HUF, USD, EUR or exchange between HUF and CNY can be requested if the amount is not less than USD/EUR20,000.00 or equivalent amount. The request should be made not later than 11:30 AM. If the amount is not less than USD/EUR50,000.00 or equivalent amount, preferential FX rates can also be requested between 9:00 A.M. to 3:40 P.M case by case.

If the amount of exchange between USD and CNY is not less than USD1,000, then Preferential FX rates can be used during business time.

If the amount of exchange between EUR and CNY is not less than EUR50,000, then the preferential FX rate can be offered case by case.

In case the Customer requests exchange at a preferential rate, however by the end of the day he/she does not provide the necessary cover - 3% of the missing balance will be deducted as the penalty for inadequate A/C balance.


For paper-based exchange instruction, the holder or the authorized person of the account can submit it at the counter of the bank in person with valid identity documents. The account holder can also send a fax instruction if he/she has signed a fax business contract with the bank. The Customer may also handle exchange business through NetBank. But over NetBank non preferential exchange services available.

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