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Working Capital Loan


Working capital loans are issued to meet customers' short term financing demand during the process of production and operation, thus ensuring the normal running of production and operation activities.


As an efficient and practical means of financing, working capital loan is one of the most popular credit products, characterized by the short loan term, simple procedures, stronger turnover, and lower financing costs.


In terms of the term, it can be divided into short-term working capital loans less than one year and one to three-year medium-term working capital loans;

In terms of the loan form, it can be divided into secured loans, which can be further divided into many forms such as guarantee, mortgage and pledge, and credit loans;

By the using method, it can be divided into the short term working capital loans that is applied and reviewed case by case and the credit line of the working capital loan within which can be easily borrowed, used and repaid during the bank's preset time.


The maximum term is less than three years.

Related Charges

Charges are subject to the contract.

Target Customers

Borrowers should be the enterprise (institutions) legal persons, other economic organizations, individual businesses, etc.

Documents Required

1)Application form for Banking Facilities (can be obtained from the Bank)

2)Company and Business Profile

3)Certificate of Incorporation (if any)

4)Memorandum and Articles of Association, Directors' Resolution

5)Past 3 years audited financial reports and latest financial reports

6)Other relevant documents that may be required by the Bank from time to time

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