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Brief Introduction to Bank of China Colombo Branch


Colombo, an important City in South Asia, is a key hub of the “Belt and Road” initiative, with a wonderful multicultural, fascinating cultural landscape and fast becoming a financial force that cannot be ignored.

The Bank of China Colombo Branch was granted our a Banking License by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and was formally established on 28th March 2018, becoming the first Chinese-funded financial institution in Sri Lanka. The opening of the Colombo branch marks the presence of Bank of China in 54 countries and regions overseas.

The Colombo branch relies on the international network of Bank of China across the globe, fully relies on the overall brand, professional strengths and the diversified platform of the Bank of China, operating strictly in compliance with laws and regulations while providing comprehensive business services in corporate finance and personal finance, covering deposit business and loan business, remittance and remittance, international settlement and trade finance business. Clients include Chinese and Sri Lankan people, foreigners, Chinese-funded enterprises, Sri Lankan companies with trade and investment with China, and local mainstream enterprises in Sri Lanka.

We adhere to the strategic goal of building a world-class bank, pursue excellence and sustainable development, continuously enhance our core competitiveness, and further enhance the local brand awareness and corporate image of Bank of China in Sri Lanka. We sincerely welcome all of you to come to our bank for business, and also welcome those who are interested to call us. We can serve you in Chinese and English, providing advice and excellent financial services!

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Address:Bank of China Limited Colombo Branch

NO.40 York Street, Colombo 01,Sri Lanka

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