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Copyright Statement


Information Sources and Copyright

1. Copyrights of any content on the website, whatever trademarks, designs, texts, images or any other information, in any media form, unless otherwise specified, belong to Bank of China Limited, Luxembourg Branch / Bank of China (Luxembourg) S.A. ("Bank of China").

2. "Copyright" marked on the website is the notice by Bank of China for the ownership of its logo, design idea, as well as the framework, contents and images designed, compiled and built by the website.

3. Bank of China owns the intellectual property, solely or jointly with its partners, of all the contents and services developed by it solely or jointly, which is protected by intellectual property laws in respect of copyright, trademark, service brand, patent and exclusive right.

4. The copyrights, contents and services on the website of Bank of China are as follows: texts, software, images, charts, advertisements, and other information provided by Bank of China, which are protected by relevant laws mentioned above.

5. Copyrights of other contents on the website provided by other organizations, institutions, or commercial agencies belong to relevant providers. The website has obtained the permission of the providers of these contents and the sources have been indicated when they are extracted or reproduced.


1. Anyone can visit and download the contents of the website in accordance with copyright laws and Bank of China's statement on the website for non-commercial purposes. Anyone who uses the contents for commercial purposes (for example: distribute the contents of the website or develop derivatives in connection with these contents in any ways such as copy, download, save, print or electronic capture, send, transfer, lease, demonstrate, spread, publicize or propagate) must obtain prior written permission from Bank of China, and must indicate and acknowledge that the contents and their copyrights belong to Bank of China. Written application can be sent to Bank of China Luxembourg. Address: 37/39, Boulevard du Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg.

Bank of China reserves the rights to take any legal action against anyone whose website or print media disrespects the statement of Bank of China to use the contents of the website without permission or indication of the sources.

2. No one can copy or mirror the above mentioned contents on any server which does not belong to Bank of China without the bank's prior written permission.

3. Anyone who wishes to use the contents provided by other organizations, institutions or commercial agencies shall contact the relevant owners. This website will not be liable for any issue and legal obligation arising from the above mentioned activities.

4. Any person and organization shall abide by the following requirements while copying and spreading, in any form, the contents on this website with copyright belonging to the website after permission:

(1) Extracting or reproducing the sources without altering the original meaning.

(2) Indicating the source, that is, the URL of the website:

Notes for Links

Anyone who wants to provide link to this website shall comply with the following rules:

1. Sign a formal agreement on linking to this website with Bank of China.

2. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement with Bank of China, the link must be directed to URL= "" rather than other pages of the website.

3. Do not diminish or blur the name and trade mark of "" on the appearance, position and other aspects of the link.

4. Do not show any false impression to visitors about the appearance and position and other aspects of the link.

5. The website shall display in full screen rather than in frame when visitors click the link.

6. Bank of China reserves the right to recall the linking to the website anytime.

Special Statement

Quotation, extraction or reproduction of the texts from any third party is only used for the purpose of communication and cannot stand for the viewpoint of Bank of China.

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