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Security Advisory on Fraud and Cyber-crime Prevention


Dear Client,

Coronavirus has created new opportunities for fraudsters to target us all for illicit financial gains. However, if we take a few precautions, we can help protect ourselves and our family from fraud.

We strongly suggest you to take a few minutes to read the information below. There is always more that can be done, but we recommend to follow the guidelines below as a minimum protection.

Do not be too trusting. Scammers love to impersonate the people we trust. They tell us that they are from the Police or Bank’s Fraud Department, that someone has been trying to access our bank account, and we have to move our money to a ‘Safe account or new account’.

They are looking for your data. They write to us, call us, text us and send us emails with links so they can steal our personal data, passwords and PINS. It is called social engineering, the main purpose is to put you in confidence.

Too good to be true. They will contact you with special offers that seem too good to be true, but in fact they are fake and a fraud. Their ‘get rich quick’ schemes and investment opportunities simply do not exist. They will try to sell you fake goods, such as luxury items, hand gels and face masks at prices you will not see anywhere else.

That is why we need to be even smarter

Do not be complacent. Never assume it cannot happen to you. Everyone’s life has changed recently and there is a lot of uncertainty in everybody’s life at present. Please take extra care and you will help to protect your assets.

Keep questioning. Do not click on any link to claim any win or take up any deal – Stop. It is most probably a phishing scheme. Remember that hackers may use the emails from people you know. Be very cautious. In case of any doubt, please refrain from clicking on any links or opening any attachments.

Please remember the following:

  • 1.We will never contact you out of the blue by mail and ask for your PIN, password, Secure Key Number, or to move money to another ‘safe’ account.
  • 2.Neither the Police nor Bank of China Luxembourg will ever ask you to help in an investigation.
  • 3.Please do not allow anyone you do not know to use your computer – even if they say they are from your bank, the Police or your internet provider.
  • 4.Please do not click on a link, option box or attachment in an unexpected email or text even if it appears to be from your bank, without verifying its authenticity.
  • 5.Always question uninvited approaches. When in doubt, contact the company directly, using a known email address or phone number.

Sincerely Yours,

Bank of China Limited, Luxembourg Branch
Bank of China (Luxembourg) S.A.
13th July 2020

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