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Cross-Border M&A

Cross-Border M&A

What are criteria for Sponsor and Target?

Sponsor/Seller registered in China while Target Outbound China or;

Sponsor/Seller registered outbound China while Target in China or;

Either parents or management board of Sponosr/Target is regarded as Chinese corporate;

Here the Bound refers to bound of China, which includes Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

What we can offer for you?

Providing fund for your M&A deal as transaction price & fee refinancing or for your initial transitional equity and fund, in which:

Own transitional equity or debt with tenor no longer than 3 years since drawdown

Our fund includes Bridge Loan and Term Loan

We are happy to corporate with you if:

You are big China state-owned company or leading Chinese corporate with stable financial results and wish to obtain technology, channel, and market share via M&A deal.

You are top private company or PE firm in China.

The target is highly correlated to you in industry or strategy

You take control of the target via the deal

Equity no less than 20% in principle.

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