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Offshore RMB Business

-If your company already has RMB cross-border trade settlement requirements, whether you are located in China or elsewhere, please consult Bank of China Luxembourg to check on our RMB account services, RMB deposits and wide range of trade finance relating to RMB settlements at very attractive conditions.

-if you are a customer of a domestic branch of Bank of China in PRC, we can be a valuable partner of your domestic branches  in order to give you access to financing at best conditions,  through, inter alia: refinancing from overseas institutions, negotiated payment, negotiated financing, cross-border Inter-branch RMB financing

-If your company is conducting international trade with Chinese counterparties, in currencies other than RMB, getting familiar with RMB can help you to expand business in China, and/or optimize your commercial & payment terms. 

Feel free to contact us and discuss how international settlement and cross-border RMB trade finance products can help you to manage F/X and payment risks.

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